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SuperSeries 1 - Sunny Corner 2009

Saturday, 21 March 2009

By Alison Curtin

(ALSO: Check out the results and the report from SS2)

SS1 at Sunny Corner went well– thanks to help from Dave with the fine points of O-CAD and Rik with course setting/vetting.
Thankfully all the controls were in the right place (phew), although some tricky placements of the stands made it difficult for riding in and dipping without stopping (noted) – Sorry – the new posts bend very easily trying to hammer them into the road edge! And the rocky nature of trails – well that’s sunny corner. Anyway -
Everyone that set out finished their course before the cut-off, even with the longer than expected distances (long 25km, medium – 16-18km and short 8 km). I only heard of 2 punctures – unfortunately they were both the same rider. It was good to hear that some riders were navigationally challenged at times and surprising to hear that nearly everyone decided to push their bikes up the hill between 6 and 7 on the long course.

Great times were put in by Alex Randall and Darvo on the long course. Raynee McNee did a good time riding the medium course, followed up by a loop of the short course with her daughter Sonya McNee Darrach who did an excellent ride on the short course for her age. Marcel and Callum also ripped around the short course in the father and son category, and by the look of it Callum was up for more.
Thanks to Kelly Mapleston, for being the course starter and helping with controls, to Rowan Boutell for running the computer, Dave for digging the toilet and to the people who helped bring the controls in at the end – much appreciated.