2013 Current Standings

Final standings for the 2013 Cranks Bikes NSW MTBO SuperSeries are currently unavaliable

The winners for the 2013 series are:

Course 1 – Men      Steven Todkill
Course 1 – Women Marina Iskhakova 
Course 2 – Men      Darius Cartwright
Course 2 – Women Kim van Netten 
Course 3 – Men      Andrew Power
Course 3 – Women Carolyn Matthews 
Course 4 – Men      Greg Bacon
Course 4 – Women Nicole Sellin 
Course 5 – Men      Bert van Netten
Course 5 – Women Rita Mein 

Riders who compete in more than 1 category during the season will score points in each category.  Points cannot be shifted from one category to another.

Thanks to the sponsors of the SuperSeries:

Cranks Bikes and Wild Horizons R4 Mapboard