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At the finish table you will receive a print out of your "split times".  This includes the total time you took to complete the course, as well as the individual times you took to get from one control to the next. A provisional list of results is always displayed near the registration shortly after you finish. Final results are published on this website (on the results page) and in the OANSW newsletter which is sent to all members.

After the event
Keep your map to study and perhaps draw in the way you went and look for better route choices.  You may like to discuss your event with a more experienced orienteer at the event.  Such "post mortems" can be a valuable learning experience.

The use of SportIdent (SI sticks) makes it easy to compare times on individual legs or sections of a course with other orienteers.  This can help you identify what was the better route choice between two controls - sometimes the results are surprising!

If you have enjoyed a few events you should consider joining the Club.  This will ensure you receive Club and Association Newsletters with details of coming events, results and general items on our sport.  There are also several foot-orienteering clubs across NSW which can provide opportunities for local navigational training and social activities (and someone to travel with to more distant MTBO events).

Mountain Devils Orienteering Club was formed for those who are mainly interested in MTBO events, so if this is your focus, please go to our online membership form or contact the club treasurer.

The sport of MTBO is run by volunteers, all of whom enjoy riding themselves.  We're always keen to have assistance - whether it be helping collect controls or pack up equipment after an event, or something more.  See one of the event officials, or contact the club president.

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