There are 10 competition categories:

Course 1 – Men / Women
Course 2 – Men / Women
Course 3 – Men / Women
Course 4 – Men / Women
Course 5 – Men / Women

Riders who compete in more than 1 category throughout the season will score points in each category. Points cannot be shifted from one category to another.

The ACT Sprint and Middle Distance Championships (SS3/4) were events where the following age classes applied to the courses:

Course 1 Mens 21 Elite (Mens Open)
Course 2 Womens 21 Elite (Womens Open)
Mens 20 Elite (age 17-20)
Mens 40 (age 40-49)
Course 3 Womens 20 Elite (age 17-20)
Womens 40 (age 40-49)
Mens 50 (age 50-59)
Course 4 Womens 50 (age 50-59)
Mens 60 (age 60-69)
Course 5 Womens 60 (age 60-69)
Mens 70 (age 70 & over)
Womens 70 (age 70 & over)

You can choose to ride any course at any event. At age-class events, you can choose to ride competitively in either your age-class, or a younger age-class (e.g. 55 year old man riding in M40), or you can choose to ride non-competitively on any course you wish.

Note that if you ride different courses at age-class events (SS3/4) compared to normal events in the 2012 Cranks Bikes NSW MTBO SuperSeries, you may earn SuperSeries points on two different courses which cannot be combined.

The requirement that there were at least 3 riders who rode in at least 5 events before a winner could be declared in any given category has been waived in 2012.



Points are awarded based on the rider's finishing position in each category, as per the following table:

Event Organisers / Course Setters

Event organisers and course setters will be awarded points as follows:

• The same number of points as they scored in the previous NSW MTBO SuperSeries event, or 20 points whichever is greater.

• If they did not compete in the previous MTBO SuperSeries event, then they will be awarded 20 points.