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Nowra 4 Hour Enduro report from the desk

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

By Rik Eagles 

Results now available by class, overall, and splits.

Heading down the coast on Sunday morning Phil and I were happy to see that the further south we went the drier the country side looked. The area for the 4 Hour is a nice place to ride in the dry but a nightmare in the wet, so I was pleased that for Andy and Jim who had put their hands up to organize the event it would not be too difficult to place the 36 checkpoints for the day.

You may have noticed that each event this year has been presented by a different  course setter and organizer. The reason for this is that in the past a small group of people have organized many events, which meant that this group never actually got to  ride, it is pleasing then to see that our club President (where is my T shirt Westy) while still doing a lot of work in the background is also starting to appear high up on the result sheets, must be all that secret training that he tells me he does not do.

Andy and Jim did a great job with this event, I could not believe my eyes when we drove into the event centre and there it was! The Café van, my morning was spent catching up with friends, setting up the SI gear and accepting offers of coffee from generous people.

I am not going to report on the event, that will be for someone who rode it, however I notice many riders with big smiles on their faces at the finish and at the down load desk nobody asked me to point at who the course setter was so that they could kill him. Which is always a good sign!

I must now confess that the introduction of the TT was my idea. In retrospect although on paper it did add a bit of fun and interest to the event it also made the final results a bit confusing and in some cases a little unfair when the bonus points were added to the scores. In the future I think that we will retain things like TTs and King of the Mountains challenges, but they will be purely optional and have no effect on the overall results.  Your comments are welcome.

My thanks to Wendy Kingston, Kate Chown and Nick Dellagiacoma for their help with rego and SI and a very well done to Andy Halliday and Jim Anderson for pulling off a great event. See you all next time at the desk.