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Clear and sunny at Currambene

Monday, 19 July 2010

A sensational  clear and sunny winter’s day greeted the riders who made the trip down the South Coast to Nowra, for race 5 in the 2010 Cranks Bikes MTBO Super Series. A smaller field than normal (just under 50 riders) were treated to some fast and varied riding.

The ‘terrific trio’ (of Hilary Dyer, Amanda Barr, and Liz Seatter) followed up the challenge laid down at Belanglo in June to “bring a friend”. In fact they did quite a bit more, bringing down a total group of 12 fellow Manly riders for the weekend!  Most being first timers to MTBO, but with some adventure race experience and keen to learn more.  They appeared to be having a lot of fun out on the tracks, even Hilary, who in only her second MTBO race took on the long Course 1.

Despite the generally dry conditions, the recent rain had left some serious puddles with ultra sticky mud. John Skilton was one of a few riders who experienced an ‘early bath’ in an innocuous looking ‘puddle’ on the track west of marker #42,  which swallowed his bike and flung him into the murky depths!

Regrettably, due to this event being a late addition to the original 2010 calendar, we were unable to get access to local MTB Club ‘single tracks’ (we hope to resolve this for next year!). However, Jim Anderson did a great job in designing free flowing courses which took in some of the excellent access and varied alternative tracks in the area.

Although a relatively flat area and the courses looking deceptively simple on paper, out on the forest floor some found the going not so easy!  Our illustrious leader (El Pres) was one, who having made a wrong turn then spent a good part of the afternoon bush bashing a route between markers 37 & 36 on Course 2, when there was a perfectly good track nearby to use! Fortunately for him, he confessed to this sinful activity, and was recorded as DNF.

Thank you to all who attended and lent a hand in the set up and clear up. A note of appreciation to Andrew Slattery for his assistance in preparing the maps and last minute alterations. 

The only complaint on the day came from Simon Nott, who said that the big sunbaking Black Snake which leapt out of the bush at him was not marked on the map!

Andy Halliday

Results  -  Splits  -  RouteGadget

Coursesetting:  Jim Anderson, Andy Halliday
SI:  Nick Dellagiacoma
Registration:  Parissa Poulis, Nick Dellagiacoma
Control collection:  Jim Anderson, Andy Halliday and others
Results and RouteGadget:  Michael Roylance