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Paddock-bashing for the NSW Champs at Jumping Rock

Sunday, 26 September 2010

There were some tired riders at the end of SS9 Jumping Rock, the 2010 NSW MTBO Championships.  For the Open Men, the long (and maybe just slightly gratuitous) legs in Penrose State Forest had added a big chunk of time to the already longer than normal (with regard to time) course.  For everybody else, winding their way around the cattle tracks and opening and closing far too many gates, not to mention all those slow hills through the grassy paddocks.

Don't forget to visit RouteGadget for the event and plot your route (and compare with others) - there are already some interesting route choices ...

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we had champions, whether they were the riders with the fastest times, or whether they were simply pleased to finish.

2010 NSW MTBO Champions are:

Open Men - Damian Welbourne
M40 - Huw Kingston
M50 - Peter Cusworth (Vic)
M60 - Peter Hill (Vic)
M20 - Mathew Davis
M16 - Timothy Jackson (Vic)

Open Women - Mary Fien
W40 - Carolyn Matthews
W50 - Nora Skilton
W60 - Kate Chown

Full  results and splits 

We were again blessed with excellent weather for this event.

Special thanks go to Greg Joice and his team at Sherwood Machinery for their permission to ride on Jumping Rock, and to Ric van Wachem (who rode course 2 on the day) of St Andrews Cathedral School for permission to base the event at Kirrikee.  Without their support, the event would not have been possible.

Thanks also go to all those who helped out on the day, including:

Coursesetter:  David West
Mapping:  David West (fieldwork) and Andrew Slattery (cartography), with base mapping for part of the map originally by Dave Lotty
Registration:  John Skilton, Nora Skilton, Wendy Kingston, Vicki Haynes
Starts:  David West
SI:  Michael Roylance, Malcolm Roberts
Control collection:  Lots of you!!  Thanks to you all, we were driving away from Kirrikee by 3pm or thereabouts.